KITS technologies delivers  wide range of TELEMATICS solutions  through its LOCATOR unit.

Locator  solution covers all forms of telematics and sensing technologies, including monitoring/sensing solutions, for assessing and protecting high-value physical and liquid assets, and sensitive materials from initial dispatch until final delivery.

“The best decision makers are those with the most accurate information”. With our various Locator solutions, we put our customers at the fore front of their business by providing real-time visibility and control over remote assets and give access to information that is required to make smart business decisions.

Our solutions helps to overcome the challenge of managing remote assets by giving you 24 hours access and control to all remote assets. Our overall solution focus on the following key elements:

  • Accurate zero assets information for management decision.
  • Huge cost saving
  • Borderless Asset Remote access (Vehicle, Equipment, Liquid, Solid- Including powder / grains etc)
  • Enhanced security
  • Mitigate theft
  • Simplified and automated running system

These and many more are what you will benefit from working with us.

Our solutions are customizable and are applicable in different industries from Oil & gas, transport, haulage and logistics, insurance, manufacturing, vehicle leasing, etc.

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