About us

KITS TECHNOLOGIES is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) consultancy Company, the company was founded by several indigenous ICT experts, with the idea of offering high-end professional solutions in deploying productive, emerging technologies and redeveloping customer’s information systems in line with constantly changing environment and requirements.

KITS TECHNOLOGIES Mission is to maintain ICT proffessionalism in deploying our products and services with focus on excellence, integrity and affordability.” Therefore, KITS TECHNOLOGIES plans to position itself as a center for international and local contacts, for project development & implementation as well as center for transfer of knowledge, experience and expertise.

KITS TECHNOLOGIES will be known globally as center for international and local contacts, for ICT project development and implementation as well as center for transfer of knowledge, experience and expertise.

Our Shared Value
Team Work
Cost Consciousness

Our Core Value

KITS technologies is a company founded on uncompromising sense of integrity. Our customers know that we can be relied on to get the job done right; no matter how challenging. We maintain the highest standard (best practise) of engineering service and workmanship available. We welcome challenging projects with aggressive schedule and critical delivery date. We deliver unmatched quality, diversified work types, timely delivery, efficient and cost-effective approach; excellent project management and uncompromising sense of uprightness. These are the cornerstones on which our company is built.

KITS technologies believes strongly in the I, We and You model.

I – KITS has maintained commitment to improving individual staff output quality in a way that will guarantee the quality of services that will surpass customer’s expectation.

We – KITS’ determined focus on individual staff has maintained its effective team (we). We believe strongly in team spirit. – “KITS Spirit”

You – The strength of our individual staff and synergy of our team in collective spirit has remained our major strength in adding premium values to our customers business by differentiating our solutions / services offerings in manners that will improve our customers’ operating expenses clearly, and that the customer will admit that KITS is indeed his kited ICT partner.