Link Bounding & Aggregation

The sure way to get High-speed, Most reliable, and Cost effective Internet service.

KITS Internet Link bonding technology provides 100% uptime and accelerated Internet speed by bonding and aggregating up to 12 broadband Internet access lines (any combination of low-cost 3G/4G/LTE, Wimax, DSLs, Cable, T1, E1, MPLS), while saving substantially on your monthly bandwidth cost. After the quick drop-in of our appliance into your network without requiring any changes in your existing network (no changes to your existing firewall, routers and LAN equipment), you will get:

High Speed Internet Connectivity
The speed for your network will be the (combined) aggregate of all the low cost Internet access lines plugged into the device. Our solution combines up to 12 separate ISP links to form one powerful link with blazing speed connectivity.

100% Uptime, Zero Downtime
High 9s availability of your office connectivity with built-in application continuity, keeping internet applications alive even during some ISP failures.

Cut Internet Budget
Compared to equivalent single line services from the same ISPs, the monthly bandwidth cost will be substantially lower.

Now, you can cut your Bandwidth budget drastically using our cut saving bandwidth aggregator and still get high-speed connectivity like fiber optic for your Internet / VPN / WAN connectivity.



“Just drop the Link bounding appliance into your network and experience what it is like to have a huge bandwidth pipe at a fraction of the cost. The appliance is highly reliable, efficient, scaleable and easy to use.”

Now, you can grow your bandwidth and speed unlimitedly anytime, anywhere.

Link Bounding
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