Now, you can UPGRADE your corporate Broadband Internet connection with ease.  Whether you are looking for the right solution to upgrade your existing internet connection, or you want to connect a new location, the solution is right here.

KITS technologies offer Hight speed, High-capacity and High-quality Broadband Internet for corporate offices.

You will be connected via Our Fiber broadband network, or  VSAT, depending on your peculiarities.

Our Broadband Internet empowers organizations with high-speed and huge-bandwidth capacity.

Fiber_vsat images

Ideas for:

  • High quality, high capacity corporate INTERNET
  • Secure VPN
  • Video conferencing
  • Remote surveillance
  • Video streaming
  • e-commerce web applications / portals
  • Heavy-duty download services and
  • All other corporate services and applications that rely on High-speed, High-quality Internet connectivity and high availability.

Best suited for all sectors, including Telco’s / ISPs, Oil, Gas and Mining, Government, Education, Broadcasting, Hotel / Hospitality, Banking, Corporate, Media & Entertainment, Military, Maritime, Healthcare etc., requiring High-capacity and High-quality Broadband Internet connectivity.

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