Product and Services


KITS Technologies provides connectivity solutions and end-to-end ICT System Integration; focusing on Data, Voice and Video Networks. Our key products and services covers but not limited to the following::

Corporate Internet connectivity
KITSCorporate Internet connectivity solution is specially designed for small, medium and enterprise businesses offeringzero contention – highcapacity, full dedicated and secured connectivity to the Internet backbone,offering both Fiber Internet connectivity and VSAT Internet. KITS provides Highly available redundant, 100% uptimeInternet connectivity especially for enterprise / mission critical applications Read More>>

Satellite communications – VSAT
KITS technologies delivers a wide range of business applications sparked by the strength of Satellite technology. Our VSAT connectivity solutions provide ISP’s, Telco’s, universities and large organizations reliable connectivity over the satellite including WAN and access to the Internet backbone. Read More

VPN Connectivity / Remote Access Networking
Today’s economy survives on communication as every company be it a small business or Large-scale require a sure way to pass information across their various branches. KITS TECHNOLOGIES has a reliable and efficient solution to connect all your remote branches/offices information (DATA, VOICE and VIDEO) seamlessly and cost effectively. Read More>>

Wireless connectivity

KITS technologies offers a wide range of Broadband Wireless communications solutions, from High Capacity wireless backhauling to Public Hot Spot Wifi and Last mile Access particularly for internet distribution, CCTV / IP Surveillance, and covering Voice, data, Video communications. Read More>>

Long Distance Fiber Optics Projects

KITS technologies designs, installs and maintain small, medium and enterprise long-distance Fibre Optics networks systems to industry standards. Read More>>

Data Centre design and Implementation

We offer complete Data Centre Implementation services; from design & implementation to maintenance, covering intelligent Data Centre power system, HVAC, and Data Centre Security, and including High-end Server implementation. Read More>>

Structured cabling

KITS technologies cabling specialist team has the skill, experience and resources to design, Install, test and manage your Cabling infrastructure (Optical Fibre cabling (OFC) and Copper cabling) infrastructure to latest industry standard. We have what it takes to prepare your cabling system for the future. Read More>>

Enterprise Phone system (PABX / IP PBX)

KITS technologies offers a wide range of office communication Solution covering Voice Switching, Voice Messaging and small, medium and enterprise office intercom communication solutions. We offer complete range of IP PBX, PABX and VoIP solutions. Read More>>

Video Conferencing

Video tele-conferencing system (VTC) has become a way of life for today’s enterprise in terms of real remote communication. Whether the goal is time to market, or efficient decision-making, KITS technologies has a sophisticated and cost-effective Video conferencing solution for you and your business. Read More>>

TV Broadcasting

KITS technologies delivers a broad range of broadcasting services including; teleport managements, production, TV Channel Distribution, contributions, and others. We manage, aggregate and transport content for broadcasters and networks to audiences using the most effective solution for all your TV broadcasting needs. Read More>>

Mobile Communication Solution (PTT and satellite mobile)

Addressing the critical voice communications needs of governments, security / military personnel, public safety officials, NGOs and Talk group, requires the functionality of high performance satellite phones and PTT. From disaster relief to business innovation, people and organizations need the power of mobile communication to remain connected. KITS offers a wide range of PTT and satellite phones for effective mobile communication in all situations. Read More>>

Cybersecurity – UTM

Total protection against all forms of cyber attacks.
KITS technologies, working hand in hand with Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity is strongly positioned to offer you the best solution available today to protects companies and public institutions worldwide against espionage and cyber attacks. Read More>>

CCTV / IP Surveillance

With KITS technologies CCTV & Digital Surveillance solutions, airports, rail terminals, government buildings, offices, retail sites, financial institutions, parking garages, Hotels / restaurants and homes security concerns has become a thing of the past. The solution is sophisticated and available in both analogue and IP based. You will be able to monitor without boundaries and keep record of activities (video and audio) as you may desire. Read More>>

Identity Management Solution

Working hand-in-hand with the leading web-based, Biometric, RFID Smartcard Platform for Enterprise-wide Solutions in ID Management the Industry – ACTAtek, KITS technologies is strongly positioned to deliver highly professional, yet affordable Identity Management Solution for your business needs. Read More>>

Information Display System (IDS) & Electronic Queue Management solution (EQMS)

We offer a wide range of wired and wireless Information Display Systems (IDS) and Electronic Queue Management solution (EQMS) with various configurations and options to accommodate various business unique needs, Including complementary hardware and software to provide a comprehensive enterprise solution for financial institutions, Stock exchange / commodity exchange, Banks, Hospitals, Public institutions etc. Read More>>

Solar Power

KITS technologies offers complete and effective Solar power Implementation services; from designs & implementation to maintenance. KITS Solar Power solution provides world-class photovoltaic solutions for residential, business, government and utility customers. Read More>>

Business Solutions & consultancy
No matter your project requirement; KITS technologies listens. We work with our customers to build the most suitable solution for their various business requirement and environment and more importantly within budget. Read More>>

Link Bounding & Aggregation

KITS Internet Link bonding technology provides 100% uptime and accelerated Internet speed by bonding and aggregating up to 12 broadband Internet access lines (any combination of low-cost 3G/4G/LTE, Wimax, DSLs, Cable, T1, E1, MPLS) Read More>>


KITS technologies delivers wide range of TELEMATICS solutions through its LOCATOR unit. Locator solution covers all forms of telematics and sensing technologies, including monitoring/sensing solutions, for assessing and protecting high-value physical and liquid assets, and sensitive materials from initial dispatch until final delivery. Read More>>


Our e-podiums are the perfect addition to schools, colleges, universities, auditoriums, or any location where presentations are given. It provide’s a safe and convenient means to store and use a wide range of audio/visual equipment. Read More>>

Lecture Tracker

With our Lecture Tracker, you can now precisely lock and track lecturer all around the whole classroom session automatically.  Our Lecture Tracker adopts the most state-of-the-art face recognition and motion tracking technology. Read More>>

Automatic Face Detection & IRIS Capture

A smart face-detection and identification touch-free system. The iris biometric device activates when a user approaches. The device intelligently to automatically tilts quickly adjust to the correct height and angle needed to capture each user accurately. Read More>>

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