Firm hinges ICT growth on data centre

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WITH the emergence of cloud and virtualisation technology gradually taking the centre stage globally, the task before data centre managers has become enormous.

Besides, industry observers have predicted that more than 75 per cent of all businesses would adopt some form of cloud computing for their ICT infrastructure within the next few years.

According to the Director of business and Strategy of KITS Technologies Limited, Mr. Taofeek Okoya, the enormous bandwidth capacity that the fibre marine cable players like Main One, Glo1 and recently WACS offered Data Centre, created a viable business enabler towards cloud computing.

“It is evident now that the evolution of ICT infrastructures is massively influenced by consolidation, virtualisation, and automation as enterprise businesses and firms work to increase services levels and lower costs while introducing the flexibility necessary to keep up with rapidly changing business needs”, he stated.

Okoya added that the recent Google CEO/CIO conference, where in Google showcase how all her apps suits hosted in the cloud could simplify business communication .nd collaboration further strengthen how data centre would rapidly simplify ICT business operations and reduce bottom-lines.

According to him, it was against this background that KITS Technologies would be hosting industry stakeholders to a five-day intensive data centre training geared towards creating key ICT transformations that would have significant impacts on how we design, plan, build and manage our data centres.

He explained that the training focuses on excellent understanding of the key elements of data centre design including how to layout the rooms and the racks and size the air conditioning and electrical systems as well as understanding other systems such as fire protection, detection and suppression as in addition to Data Centre security.

The KITS Technologies boss said that efficient data centre management would also be discussed covering all policies and procedures, which should be in place to run the data centre with core emphasis on reliability, efficiency and security.

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