Data Centre Infrastructure Audits

KITS technologies audits cover Tier Certification, Energy Assessment, Risk Assessment and are based on best practices drawn from our extensive experience and relevant international engineering and business continuity standards including: – TIA 942, EU Code of Conduct on data centres, Payment Card Industry security requirements PCI-DSS, BICSI 002, The UpTime Institute, ASHRAE, EU Disability Discrimination Directive, EN 50173, EN 50174, ISO 27002,

KITS technologies’ approach to audit will tailor the system to your specific requirements. All audits come with a full report and improvement plan. The audits can then be further ‘tuned’ to focus on areas of greatest interest to your system. Our customers can just opt for our standard audit, which covers the principal requirements of technical adherence to standards, resilience, Health & Safety requirements and energy management.

Weather you want an audit against the a specific code of conduct, say the EU Code of Conduct for data centres or to establish your Tier rating for resilience or perhaps to measure your Data Centre energy efficiency or carbon emissions, KITS technologies will gladly support you.


Our design process includes;

-TIA 942 Audit. Assessment and tier certification to the ANSI-TIA-942 standard
-TUI Audit. Assessment to the UpTime Institute Tier standard
-Energy Audit. Assessment and certification to the Green Grid metrics and EU Code of Conduct requirements

-Business Continuity Audit. Assessment and certification to the AMS-IX business continuity requirements and ISO27002 and PCI-DSS physical requirements

-Health & safety audit. Assessment and certification to EU H&S requirements, environmental conditions and access for the disabled requirements

-EMC & RFI audit. Assessment to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference requirements for safe human exposure and reliable operation of IT equipment

Whatever your Data Centre Audits needs are, KITS technologies will support and guide your investment to ensure you have an Energy efficient Data Centre.

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